What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a uniquely Australian artistic sport that combines dancing, gymnastics, ballet and apparatus work. It involves participants learning routines choreographed to music and presenting these routines on stage at competitions and concerts. At Del Sante Gardens, we foster teamwork, fun, fitness, friendship, physical and social development and help build self-discipline and confidence.

Are you ready to embark on your calisthenic journey? Del Sante Gardens invites you to join our upcoming classes and experience the magic first hand. From the excitement of performances to the camaraderie of our community, there's something extraordinary waiting for you here.  Come and experience calisthenics for yourself, with your first two lessons on us!

Visit our Contact Us page to get more information or to enroll in our classes. Take the first step toward discovering your potential with Del Sante Gardens and lets make your calisthenic dreams take flight together!

Del Sante Gardens Calisthenic College

Established in 1968, Del Sante Gardens is a thriving committee-run club nestled in the heart of Flinders Park, South Australia. We take immense pride in our rich history and the inclusive community we've cultivated over the years.

At Del Sante Gardens, we celebrate diversity and welcome individuals of all ages, abilities, and cultures. From spirited toddlers as young as 3 to seasoned performers in their 70s, our club embraces everyone. Our commitment to fostering an environment of acceptance and encouragement sets us apart.

Del Sante Gardens offers a comprehensive range of calisthenic classes tailored for teams, solo, graceful solo and duo performances. Our dedicated team of experienced coaches is passionately committed to nurturing talent. We don't just teach routines; we inspire lifelong skills. We focus not only on the present performance but also on empowering our members for a future filled with confidence and grace.

We take pride in our achievements, with all our teams currently competing in Division 1 sections. This success is a testament to our dedication to individual growth and team spirit, values that fuel our journey toward excellence. 

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